28 June 2013


Embassy Suites, Downtown St. Paul
Six hours later, here we be.
Fun Kids arrived at 3:00pm yesterday as a stopover on their way to St. Paul for their Uncle Eric's wedding. Funness ensued...
So many sweet and fun moments in just a few hours plus a wake-up. Cars, skateboard, soccer, dog romping, exploring... This morning we made Monkey Bread and Orange Juliuses--family holiday traditions.
JE's family pulled out just after 8:00am, while CA and I hung around home until 1:30pm. Our evening is free, while the 5 of them have a command performance for the rehearsal and dinner. LE is one of two flower girls and MA is helping to officiate his brother's wedding.
The reception will be a Hootenanny, as the groom is a professional musician and many guests are also.
I believe "funness" will ensue.

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