10 June 2013

Peanutbutter-Chocolate Salt Caramel Cookies

Decided to adapt my recipe when I saw these Rolo Minis this morning at Blain's Farm and Fleet(!).
Inspired by these...
And, a few recipe variations I've seen around the Internet.
Salty! I lightly rolled the tops of the cookie balls in a few grains of Bolivian Rose sea salt. Are there degrees of saltiness in sea salts? Must be. There's no salt in my basic recipe, so I can't adjust that. Next time I try this I'll use no-salt peanut butter and regular Kosher salt (sparingly).
Mama-mia! This Bolivian salt is way salty!
Oh, and I froze the Rolo Minis so they wouldn't over-melt. Still stuck to baking sheet. Next time silicone baking liner, and maybe I'll strategically place the Rolos rather than stirring them in to keep them off the bottom.
This is my splatter guard. Yes, a real splatter guard came with my mixer (20+ years ago), but it is mostly ineffective, and two more things to wash-up.

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