16 June 2013

Grandpa Korta

For Father's Day, Aunt Margie's father is being featured in a display at her assisted living facility.
Louis Korta
Louis Henry Korta was born in Germany, May 10, 1887. He was the son of Ludwig and Marie Koch Korta. When Ludwig died, Marie immigrated to America with her three young children. Louis, at 5-1/2-6 years of age, was the oldest. They traveled by freighter and entered the United States as immigrants during the first years of Ellis Island and eventually settled near family in Tazewell County, Illinois.
Louis’ mother remarried and had 5 more children and Louis was sent to live and work on a family farm in Washington, IL. When he was 25, he moved to Peoria and learned the carpenter trade. He worked for Fred Harbors’ Sons Inc. and later formed his own carpentry and cabinet-making business. He retired in 1956. He was a U.S. Army World War I veteran.
After their marriage, June 14, 1922, “Lou” and Frances moved to Peoria to live in the home he built for them at 215 E. Forrest Hill. They had three daughters–Juanita, Amy and “Margie Lou” were the delight of Lou’s life. He also loved growing vegetables, fruit and flowers in his large garden, and generously allowed several neighbors to garden on his property. Lou also cherished his prize-winning Dahlias and took hundreds of photos of exceptional blossoms–several of which won recognition from Eastman Kodak.
Lou died November 6, 1968. He left his wife, 3 daughters, 2 sons-in-law, 8 grandchildren, one great grandson and four siblings.
Lou was faithful to his family, God and his church. While Lou and Frances were initially uncomfortable with their youngest daughter’s missionary call to the mountains of Virginia, Margie’s dedication to touching so many lives and reaching so many young hearts for Jesus in Dickenson County, Clinch County, VA became the crowning achievement of their lives.

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