15 May 2013


Friday morning began innocently. The first day all week that I could loll in my pj's and mosey through the hours. Except before 7:30am it became clear that my sister in Michigan needed me there. Immediately or sooner. By 9:30am, I was on the road for the 4+ hour drive.
It's been chaotic, frustrating, funny, confusing, concerning, and endless.
Did I fail to mention my cold? My two-day old mind-bending head splitting cough, head and body aches, and congestion? The one that escalated for the next 3+ days before loosening its grip.
We were at the ER for my sister on Sunday, two doctors on Monday, phone calls to doctors Tuesday, an ultra-sound today and a phone call to a doctor.
She's experiencing nothing life threatening. This will be resolved soon and with good results. At every juncture her glass is not just half empty, but dry and shattered on the floor, and she's just walked on it in bare feet and has severed some life ending artery. Yet, time marches on.
Right now it's a wild ride and I'm extremely tired. Reinforcements arrive tomorrow.
In the meantime, at every possible moment I plant myself in an appropriate spot to view her gorgeous lake and to bask in the warm sunshine and refreshing breezes.
Tomorrow I'll get out of Dodge at the first plausible moment and head home to recover and regroup.
It's what families do. Tough times lately in the Jacobs family. But, really good things have happened, too. It's called real life.

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