26 May 2013

Holiday Weekend Alone

Plenty of time to work on my projects.
Pots to fill.
Lemon Zest Petunias and Blue Lobelia to arrange.
My nightstand to finish priming. Paint colors to consider.
But until this sunny morning, the rain and wetness has precluded all outdoor tasks. Unfortunately, I've been lulled by the lazy, hazy cloudy and wet weather, sucked into the Internet-app world trying to figure out how I'm going to enjoy following my blogger friends post-Google Reader. This crucial problem requires much research. Hours and days.
Maybe a double espresso under the lemon trees will get me moving.
Or not. Those martinis aren't mine. Definitely not mine. What do you guess? Lemon-drop?
Well, it is Mother's Day in France. And the Cannes Movie Festival was exhausting...

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