19 May 2013

Change is a Bite

Blogger dashboard

Not yet convinced I'm lovin' Bloglovin or Feedly.
I've gone from Reader to Bloglovin to Reader to Feedly to Bloglovin to Reader ad infinitum. Reader is best for me, but alas (don't think I've ever writtem or spoken that word previously)... Reader is going away. I'm moving on. Soon.
My blogs were conceived and shaped by Blogger and my blog reading habits by Google Reader.
Both of the above-mentioned highly recommended alternate Readers have wins and losses in comparison to my expectations.
Change is always difficult, and both Bloglovin and Feedly feel awkward and overly complicated, requiring me to sort through way too many pre-selected blogs to get to my preferred sites. And, there are inconsistencies and limited editing options; repetitive postings. A lot of repetitive postings.
Feedly seemed superior until I'd experienced a few days of their content-format manipulation. Weirdly random.
Reader is going away. I'm moving on. Soon.

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