19 March 2011


Technology is hell! I'm no Luddite, but adapting to this iPhone is a challenge. First and foremost, my senior eyes are fatigued from non-stop staring at the too-smallish screen. And, my fat fingers are still learning the light touch required to spell correctly.

I've managed to upload my Weight Watcher app and my email and blog... By bedtime I can hardly focus on the pages of my big, thick book.

Normally I buzz through books, but I've been so scattered lately--all the birthday (husband, mother-in-law, grandaughter #4, grandaughter #1, son, RvH, nieces, grade-school-friend, etc.) cards and shopping; preparing for trip to Europe on the 30th, facilitating Small Group--that I haven't been reading as much. I'm really liking this book and am anxious to get to the other 14 books I have next to my nightstand. I keep renewing my library books, but they all have to be returned before I leave for Europe. I don't want to miss reading any of them.

I digress...

We will love our iPhones, I'm sure, but the transition is a bite.

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