18 March 2011


Such a fun lunch today. RvH and I meet KT at Buona Beef in Hoffman Estates (the best hamburger!) and spend 1-1/2+ hours catching up on each others lives. KT reads the blog and RvH and I speak several times a week,so it's far more interesting hearing the adventures of KT's lovely family and all about her job. She'd chosen to work less in the past few years--nannying for a friend's newborn and a few random things.

One day on Facebook a former co-worker asked for if anyone with admin skills was interested in working a day a week. KT replied, "He-- yes!" (In case you're wondering the missing letters are obviously c and k...) That job has morphed into almost full time--the best way to land a job is to taste-test and see what the stress levels-compatibility levels actually are. KT is loving the work, and she can do a lot from her home.

It's so, so good to see KT happy and centered. She's still nannying the darling little girl and is hoping to manage both jobs going forward.

Our time goes too quickly--KT really has to get back to work--and RvH and I continue on an adventure. After dropping her car off at home and collecting her Goodwill donation--which is somewhat diminished after I hand-select a few of her cast-offs--we drive down Rt. 59 toward Wheaton. I'm determined that RvH visit The Perfect Thing before their new episodes of What the Sell?! air on TLC, beginning March 29th. (I love the pairing of the ? with the ! Very Marielle... Now if they could fit in an ellipse or two...)

I've been on the lookout for a new glass beaker. This one is from
 an old pharmacy and is now the first purchase I've made at TPT.

We wander freely and RvH and co-owner Judy strike up a conversation. Both have military hero sons--KvH is a Marine who's served  in both Iraq and Afghanistan while Judy's Navy son is currently in the states having also served in both arenas and is just back from Japan with his young family. I believe I hear her say that his wife and three little girls left Japan the day before the Tsunami!

It just makes you proud to hear about these patriotic young men who dedicate their lives to democracy and freedom for our world. Both moms are overflowing with stories and concerns and love for their sailor-soldiers.

RvH wants to stop at Whole Foods and we have a fun 30 minutes or so of hunting and gathering. I buy some fresh mozzarella balls, organic cherry tomatoes (so, so tasty), and fresh basil. CA and I will have Socca Caprese tonight or soon--my version of what I enjoyed at Dario's in Omaha.

[I was searching everywhere at Joseph's for chickpea flour when a nice lady from Pakistan offered to help me. Turns out chickpea flour is Gram or Besan flour.]

I let RvH tell me which way to drive and the turns to take--she wanders these avenues regularly and while I do know my way around Wheaton, she loves to act as my GPS. She's back home before 4:00pm and I'm tired and glad to be heading home. All my shopping, traveling, and visiting has come home to rest and my increasingly smaller body (!) is very, very tired.

In the end, CA and I opt for leftovers tonight. We'll have the socca caprese tomorrow.

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