22 March 2011


Just before tackling the iPhone, CA and I finally purchased the Canon Ti1 EOS Rebel digital camera to replace our film version. We have great lens that will fit this camera, so we've been debating getting this camera for almost two years...

I finally settled down to conquer the new camera yesterday. While we've had our Canon film camera for several years, I've hardly used it--prefering my digital point and shoot because it's just so much easier to fit into a purse, pocket, or carry-on.

Up until and including this week, all my blog photos have been taken with the Nikon Coolpix S4

I even gifted this camera to JE last weekend in Omaha, and then accidentally carried it home in my purse. Really. It was an accident.

I will use the new camera in Europe beginning next week. I will. In fact, I can hardly wait!

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