18 December 2010


Just before we left for Europe I made an emergency trip to the dentist to check out a sensitive molar. Nothing showed on the x-ray, but Dr. F made a bit of an adjustment to the crown and we both hoped for the best.

There was definitely sensitivity, but I quickly learned to protect that area, and a few times hot or cold would catch me at an unguarded moment. This definitely has to be looked into again...


After meeting LL at Health Bridge for an hour walk and catch-up, I drive to CL to see Dr. F.

I am fortunate to get a Saturday appointment and we soon know that the root is inflamed and a root canal is in my very near future.

I'm exhausted! I'm feeling sorry for myself. Two angel creams from Country Donuts ease my pain for a few minutes before the guilt sets in.

I'm down for the count today. I'd expected to be running at full-steam by today.

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