02 December 2010

FRANCE: Day 13 - Mougins, all day

Two days on the road, and we’re happy to stay in Mougins today—sleeping in, catching up on laundry, and hanging out in one of our local cafes. Not as boring as it sounds, because LFW arrives tomorrow at Côte d’Azur (airport in Nice) and we'll be ready to hit the ground running to maximize her six days in the south of France.

CA walks to the boulangerie about 1:00pm and procures two baguette sandwiches and a lemon-meringue tart for our lunch. That’s two baguettes! Two full baguettes, one stuffed with tuna and one stuffed with salami--enough food for two meals. Our dinner menu is set. He later heads to the café, leaving me to juggle laundry, first shift. Just after throwing the clothes in the dryer, I’m on my way to the café with our laptop, and CA handles laundry, second shift.

We intend to spend the evening with BBC and our books.

I’ve just finished Paris Vendetta, and will make an attempt at DM’s copy of the biography of Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson.

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