17 December 2010


BR and I plan to meet at HB for a 7:00am walk, and then I think I'll go on to Caputo's for fresh produce and some interesting groceries.

It's a cold and brisk morning and I'm jet-lagged, so I decide to go home after our walk for a bit before any additional re-engaging in my real life. I've got a 2:00pm hair cut appointment, and a few ideas of other errands.

After a really great hair cut at MT,  I drive back to Woodstock and visit Seasons By Peg-Cobblestones to ease me into a mood for Christmas. Lovely things. I buy a bit, and may come back another day.

Since I haven't made it to any grocery store, I offer to drive to CL for a Georgio's deep-dish pizza and then we spend the evening quietly between the computer and the t.v. HGTV, I missed you.

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