24 December 2010


We arrived late afternoon yesterday just ahead of the predicted snow and bad weather. It's good to be at our destination and particularly good to be with JE's family after over 3 months. During our drive CA and I decided to stay all four nights at a hotel just to cut down on the confusion for all of us, and he and JE were able to book the Doubletree in downtown Omaha through PriceLine.

Last night we sent CA and MA out for Thai and then settled for Chinese because the Thai place was closed--I think really closed. The Chinese was great and clean-up a snap. All good things.

The Doubletree is comfortable--we laugh at how large our room is after having been accustomed to the small-sized rooms in Europe. We adjust easily, and there's free WiFi in the lobby.

Another advantage to staying at a hotel is that the little ones can come for a swim. LE's not too interested but it doesn't take long for JA to dive in and maximize the opportunity.

We all have last minute shopping--groceries and stocking stuffers--so after sharing some Panera bagels there are a lot of goings and comings. LE's not feeling perfectly well, so she gets a long nap and then lots of hugs and love from daddy and mommy.

Tonight we're going the easy route again, taco soup. It's become the family go-to dish when time is short. Lots of flavor for not much work or clean-up. Gigi brought along some cookies, and Nana left us some chocolate-dipped cheesecake bites, peanut brittle, and caramels. No one goes hungry.

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