02 May 2009


Today is the season's first farmer's market in the Old Market of Omaha. We pack up JA and LE and head out around 9:00am--too late for this crowd as parking is tight. A beautiful, sunny first Saturday in May and everyone wants to be outside. JA loves the street musicians and calls the violins the busker children play, a guitar with a stick. I certainly hope these kids are only earning money for their lessons. They are quite good and the music adds much to the ambiance of the market. JA remembers the guy making balloon animals, but can't take his eyes off the performers. He gives $1 to the kids, the balloon guy, and later to a man sitting on a corner playing his guitar. JA joins him, playing along on his balloon guitar, but the guy doesn't deign to notice or appreciate this little red-headed fan.

I buy some teeny, tiny green onions--reminiscent of the markets in France--and then some mediocre beef stick because I feel guilty snarfing samples without buying anything. Although we drank coffee at home, we decide we need a stop at Delice before heading home. We share a peanut butter and a chocolate chip cookie, although JA does his best to claim the peanut butter one just for himself.

I grab a book and a magazine and head for the bedroom--already peopled-out and ready for a nap. Jill from the Real Housewives of NY is featured in this month's Traditional Homes which RvH has passed to me. I like her condo much better in print than I do on t.v. The colors are rich and soothing, but appear more rococo on the flat screen.

We have shelves to hang and a poster to mount, and need to reconfirm the curtain measurements for LE's room. Tomorrow we can site the hosta and lilies--when MA is here for his input.

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