10 May 2009

MARATHON WEEKEND, part 3: We Feast

The morning goes quickly with JE’s family coming to grandma’s by 9:00am. CA has driven down this morning and is loving seeing his grandchildren again so soon. We are all desperate for coffee while JA is delighted to be running outside in the wide open spaces. MA keeps track of him while LE sleeps and the rest of us read the paper and ease into the day. Grandma is coming to the Jacobs' gathering—as she has more and more over the past few years.

CA and I cut Bridal Wreath and Lilacs from grandma's yard for the Ball jar vases we have planned to place in the center of each table. GJ has Apple Blossoms, Lily of the Valley, and Lilacs that she will contribute.

It is Mother's Day and we have purchased solar yard lights for grandma in a perfect bronze color. They are inconspicuous, but tasteful, and we place them "just-so" in her landscape. She maybe would have preferred flowers? This will also be a gift that keeps on giving, as she has already fallen once in her front yard, and there is a abrupt and dangerous drop off mid-driveway that scares us...

The time slides by so quickly and soon CA and I go to CVS for new passport-size photos for my trip. I checked online last night and I DO need an International driving permit for Austria. There will be just enough time to secure one on Monday afternoon if I have photos in hand. CA drops me at the church—it is already 12:30 and my sisters are setting up for the picnic. He leaves to pick up the fried chicken and we gather together the feast as others arrive.

There are three chocolate fudge cakes, rhubarb pies, a peanutbutter and fresh strawberry dessert that tastes like pb&j, a meltingly good lemon dessert… Desserts are always a priority for this group. We have two kinds of potato salad, two lovely green salads, and two kinds of baked beans. There are chips and veggies; red pepper dip and more that I cannot remember now.

Everyone is holding babies—LE and the 2-week old twins. In all there are 56 or 57 of us with everyone from toddlers to my 88 year-old dad. The kids play in the gymnasium and the adults move from table to table like speed dating. We have many octogenarians in our family group, but only four are present today. They get as much attention as the little ones. Aunt MK turns 82 tomorrow and probably thinks this party is for her! My cousin has taken to referring to Aunt JZ as her "octo mom!"

We wind down about 5:00pm and head home or to our weekend hosts' homes. It is quiet at grandma’s and soon time for CA to drive back to Woodstock. I will stay the night as there is an early lunch planned for the five sisters on Monday. Grandma and I watch a recent movie—Because I Said So—and snack a bit. JE and MA are at the Cottager’s Lounge early as JA and LE have had enough! They pop corn and enjoy and evening in with television.

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