05 May 2009



We go to C.O.R.E. on Sunday morning and enjoy a guest speaker, Hugh Halter, from Addulam in Denver--

Adullam is a network of missional communities throughout Denver that live for the “what if”. We’re not a church, but church is a part of what Adullam is. Adullam doesn't care if you come or not, but we'd love to influence you to live for the Gospel with us.

Love taking communion weekly. The worship is always good and the Omaha Arts Center is a wonderful location for church services---lots of light and good art surrounds. So many young families with small children--is this place a magnet, or is there something in the water? We've been here enough time that we are beginning to not only recognize people, but even feel the start of some fledgling relationships.

In the afternoon we dig in the dirt with JA and build a flower bed against the back of the house using landscape bricks we find near the air conditioner, excess dirt that has washed-out onto the sidewalk, and hosta from our very own front yard. It is so great to make something from nothing--the end result is so neat clean and promising. CA fills one of flower boxes with fresh topsoil and day lilies also from our front yard. We rake and sweep; water the plants; and of course strum the rake/shovel/broom guitars and banjos with JA.

JE and MA go out to a meeting taking LE along. When we finish in the yard we let JA watch a video, then into the tub for a quick bath. We had planned on pizza, but JA needs to eat NOW and Grandpa isn't yet back from the grocery store. JE comes home just before 7:00pm with LE and soon a very tired, but happy JA is safely and snuggly in his crib. We get more time with LE--such a sweet, sweet baby.

Monday morning we are first up and almost out the door when the others come down the stairs--just after 6:00am. Hugs and kisses--not too sad because we will be in central Illinois for next weekend's family picnic.

CA and I drive toward home enjoying SIRIUS radio--he drives and I nap, then I drive and he naps. We get home just after 2:00pm and he heads out to soccer and I am comfortably wrapped up in my blanket with a book in the leather recliner by 2:30pm. I spend the afternoon and evening sleeping, reading, unpacking, and generally enjoying being home.

Tuesday I am committed to finishing all the shopping and errands for the family get-together next weekend and the trip to Europe that begins in less than a week. JL and I spend some time on the phone finalizing plans for the family picnic--digressing quite a bit, but actually accomplishing what we need to.

I head to WalMart with my lists--DM & MK's and my own. After a car wash, I plan to continue to Crystal Lake to Kohl's to finish the clothes shopping for the M kids. But, I am exhausted from the shopping and decision making. When I get to the car wash things are dicey. There is a McHenry County Sheriff's car sitting in one of the lanes, and only one solitary Anglo guy working on the first of four cars waiting for service. No Mexicans in sight... Don't know whether this is an actual illegal immigrant bust or what, but it is obvious that I will be here a very long time... I decide to head home to off-load the groceries, etc. and get my car washed in Crystal Lake later in the afternoon. This means no Portillo's hot dog today, but my default choice is tuna with dill on some fresh Brownberry Oven Oaknut bread. YUM!

While getting the car washed in CL, I refine my lists and decide to skip Kohl's and look for that size 7 dress at Marshall's and TJMaxx. No dress at Marshall's but I find a Nike white t-shirt for the size 10 boy and drive on to TJM. I wander a bit aimlessly as there is no flat-out winner in the dress category. I do find a 3-piece swimsuit for LG, and finally settle on a fun and summery aqua/lime green sundress for the size 7 M little girl. I hope to find some cute flip-flops to complement the dress. I AM DONE SHOPPING! Although, I have discovered that I forgot to buy the red plastic dinner and dessert plates at WalMart... [Turns out that one of our nieces is asking what to bring, and so we reassign that purchase to her.]

CA has a late night, so I watch the newest Real Housewives of NY--the last of the season except for the two reunion shows. Such fun trashy t.v.

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