26 November 2008


Renault Kangoo - DM & MP's is red

It takes a village, or more accurately 6 people--4 big and 2 little--to deliver Kangoo to the Renault dealer. Unsure on the translation, but 1 of the 4 [cylinders?] doesn't work and will be replaced. They order the part and promise Kangoo will be ready to hop tomorrow morning.

DM and CA take the tram to the close-by Polus Center and the girls head out in our bright blue Fabia Skoda to meet RK and EK for a food-court lunch. Polus Center is one of three large malls in Bratislava, but our least favorite. This is how we rank them:

#3--Polus Center

DM drives home and back to get CA and I, as the little Skoda's backseat is just big enough for the two carseats. We kill time people watching, which is always interesting. The young Slovaks are casual, but well dressed in expensive jeans and boots. The older Slovaks are noticeably better dressed than when we first started coming here in 2000. Freedom from communism and the turn to capitalism took 10 years longer than it should've in Slovakia because Czechoslovakia's money was in Prague and the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic negotiated and battled it out through the court system for almost 10 years. Slovakia joined the EU in 2005 and while nationalism is very important here, no one minds the influx of EU funding.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for Americans and we are very thankful for our loving family--in the U.S. and here with us. Blessings and love.

p.s. The Slovak English language students devoured the brownies. DM said that at the end of class he offered "seconds" and the girls accepted!

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