09 November 2008


This weekend I realized how much I need to regroup and refocus... Working this past 5 weeks has stolen my soul! Well, at least it has stolen my energy, creativity, and a lot of my individualism. Temping requires one to be who they have hired, not who one truly is. Not a bad gig; not mind-numbingly boring [at least most days]. It is just time to be me again!

I have cooking and baking to do; sewing to complete; shopping to be pursued. I want my life back! And, in less than two weeks we leave for our next European adventure. We have friends joining us in Cannes and other friends joining us in Marbella. We have family to visit in Bratislava, and family joining us for Thanksgiving there and our American children joining us for Christmas. Could life get much better?

Continuing to read Ian Rankin's John Rebus and Elizabeth George's Inspector Lynley series. Along with blogs about Adalucia in Spain and Provence and Paris. We are contemplating side trips to Barcelona, Italy, and Prague... If the weather holds out and also our feet!

Had some wonderful leftovers tonight--sweet potato & black bean enchiladas. Included a side of grilled chicken breast--yummy. This dish doesn't require meat, but it was a good addition. That Gluten-Free Goddess sure knows her stuff. I love her recipes!

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