27 November 2008

GIVING THANKS - Our Goose is Cooked

It is Thanksgiving and we are thankful. For giggling little girls and a squishy little guy, for healthy and loving children, and a very good life.

I sleep in while CA and DM go to help RK and EK move furniture! They have ordered red couches, a chair and ottoman. It is delivered, but not transported beyond the street. Of course, the large couch is a sleeper. Everyone has at least one and they are almost impossible to carry. We are happy to help and they are so appreciative.

CA and LG have made Martha Stewart’s pâte brisée for our pumpkin pie. At only 3-1/2 years, LG is very interested in baking and has to be a part of every endeavor. She and I mix the filling and we bake a beautiful tart. MK has adopted this American tradition, although she cannot convince her Slovak family to love it. In Slovakia pumpkins are pig food. We get even because we think the Slovak Christmas delicacy—Carp, the bottom feeding fish—is garbage fish.

Today we eat the traditional Slovak roast goose meal at Grobsky Dvor in Slovensky Grob. We gather around the table—DM and MP with their little girls, LG and KF; great grandma, and CA and I [the parents and grandparents]. We start the meal with foie gras, rye bread, and a beautiful bowl of pickled vegetables. We choose a local late harvest Riesling [Ryzlink Rynsky] with a fine result. It matches well with the appetizers and also the entrée. Along with the goose, there are crepes, browned in goose fat, and shredded red cabbage.

As with every Thanksgiving, the meal is over too soon and we are stuffed. How fun to celebrate in a new way and there is no clean up! Now, home to the pumpkin pie and coffee we have been anticipating for days. LG proudly serves the beautiful tart, but has no interest whatever in eating any of that pig food!

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