21 November 2008

PACKING, part 2

What do we take to central Europe? One entire 50 lb. suitcase is full and the overflow fits into our two large bags. Our 4th allowed piece of baggage is the new all-terrain stroller for KF. The 50 lbs is taken up with--the weight of the suitcase, first. Each recently-acquired lightweight suitcase weighs in somewhere between 11 & 13lbs. And then, they are packed with clothes for the kiddies, Skippy [smooth, this time], Craisins, books, DVDs, kitchen implements [my personal weakness, thus I think everyone needs LOTS], Ziplock bags, Swiffer refills, taco seasoning, recipes, photo albums, hospitality gifts [wine bottle opener, photo calendar, Christmas ornaments, towels]. birthday party paper goods, cowgirl boots...

The content changes trip-to-trip, but the variety is constant. Because the little ones are bilingual, this is a chance to take American children's books and DVDs to reinforce their dual-citizenship.

I splurged today on three heavy-weight cotton sweaters and a new pair of black loafers. The sweaters will be warm enough for Bratislava and Vienna, and the cotton should transition well to the 50s we expect in southern France and southern Spain. O.K, I confess, earlier I bought two new pairs of black jeans and a black Italian-wool coat. We are going to be in Paris for a week and everyone knows the Parisienne women are all about style. I don't want to stand out as an American tourist so no athletic shoes or blue denim. Unfortunately they usually peg me anyway--one evening I said one word to the policeman, "Metro?" and he answered me in English! Still, I try with my urban black, simple yet stylish clothing choices.

Bon voyage! The next post will be from Europe...

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