10 September 2013


There's little at IKEA that I need or that will blend in with our decor, yet when I visit a store (here or in Batislava) I want...
Today I craved the craft-paper rolls, and the nifty wooden holder and cutter. I'm imagining disposable table runners. We'd used brown craft paper as a table runner to create our beachy Christmas vignette.
And, I wanted to buy about 12 or 16 of these to make a wall collage.
For years, red was the primary accent color in our decor. It isn't any more. I love red. This collage fits nowhere in our decor. There isn't even wall space for it. I still want to make a collage with these frames. (We're talking about renting a townhouse in Colorado in the future. Maybe then I can use these frames.)
I did, however, buy this...
LE has it hung on the enclosed porch, creating a special space fit for a princess. Fuel for her already well-developed make-believe. She's adept at drawing 2-year old LC into her scenarios.

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