08 September 2013

White Asparagus

White asparagus was in-season when we were in Alsace spring of 2012. At lunch in Riquewihr, we sat (closely) next to a remarkably composed Alsatian (German? Swiss?) lady. She savoured each morsel of her white asparagus entrée, and I envied her selection. I mean, she savoured each tiny bite. It was a beautiful thing to behold.
Fresh Market had some white asparagus on offer late last week, so CA and I came home from Saturday's farmers' market and made a lunch of poached eggs, white asparagus, and Hollandaise. Excellent!
We oven-roasted the asparagus with olive oil, clarified butter, salt + pepper. (I use PW's technique) I don't usually clarify butter, but since I'm following the Whole30 this month, I did take the extra step to eliminate the dairy solids. We also used the clarified butter in the Hollandaise sauce.
Technique from here.


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