11 November 2011

MIA: Traveling Woman

So, there were just no opportunities to blog during our 2+ week travels to and from Orlando. Then, when I first got home I started a catch-up post and my iPad dumped it. iPad blogging has been less than stellar.

I've been playing catch-up for 6 days now, physically and emotionally. The holidays, they are upon us, and it's time to get my mojo back.

There will be photos. Just as soon as I can get the iPad to give them up to be edited a bit.

Lots of time with three little girls, some warm weather when there was none at home, and lots of driving--what I've been up to lately.

The re-upholstered furniture is due for delivery tomorrow, and soon the draperies. I'm ready to be done and anxious for our home to be a peaceful dwelling again. Soon.

Happy birthday today, GJ! This date is filled with magic just for you. 11-11-11

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