22 November 2011


Here's a sampling of where we're at with our redecorating--glaring sunshsine and all. None of the accessories are finalized, and there will be some rearranging of furniture, some repainting, and additions. The fabric references are here.


Unfortunately, you can't see that the ottoman fringe
is repeated on the lumbar-support throw pillow.

The ottoman fringe is Kravat Couture--a remnant. 
Our decorator dug deep to find it.

The red half-wall will be repainted in the SW Blonde.

The yellow cabinet will be repainted a grey green--
without disturbing much of the detail work.

The semi-detached back cushion will be re-worked to
a smoother shape.

Love, love, love this fabric!

I'll post later with some detail-specific photos. Like the custom curtain rod, a close-up of the Kravat Couture fringe (boullion(!)), the lovely toile ottoman, etc.

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