29 November 2011


My Thanksgiving Day fever, chills, and sore throat have been officially a sinus infection since wake-up yesterday (Monday). In pj's all day, I resorted to day-dreaming about a spontaneous beach vacation for CA and I, and did some Internet exploring.

I don't visit Craig's List on any kind of regular basis, but we did buy a beach week last May for JE's family on CL. And yesterday, I found 6 French dining chairs for $250. Yep, $250( total) for 2 arm chairs and 4 side chairs.

I enlisted LL's time, opinion, and SUV to check out those chairs today. Had to go today, because someone else was scheduled for tomorrow. While the existing upholstery is more than funky, the shapes are excellent and the frames are heavy and solid. SOLD!

We will use the two arm chairs as occasional chairs in our study-dining room, along with two side chairs at the desk/table. Another side chair goes in the morning room, with the final chair in reserve.

Tomorrow I will wash-down the painted surfaces and consider whether they are good-to-go or need to visit the  faux-finish painter in Chicago. DV will soon be enlisted to help select the two fabrics--arm chairs will have fronts Fabric A, backs Fabric B; side chairs will be the reverse. Thinking toile or checks, or maybe toile and checks...

Here are a few I've bookmarked in the past.

Or, maybe we'll use this blue/camel plaid from the ottoman top, coordinated with the brown fabric used in the cording on the embroidered medallion chair and toile ottoman.

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