03 October 2011


8:00am. The Huge Project kicks into high gear this morning. New hardwood floors are being installed and existing floors will be refinished. CA and I spent yesterday afternoon emptying our great room, kitchen, entry, and back hall of everything, almost. The space is cavernous, but will soon be filled with dust. Yuk!

I've been assured that new machinery and procedures reduce the amount of airborne dust that will result. I am a doubter. I've been through this before on a smaller scale, and the residual fine, fine powdery dust was pervasive. For months and months.

I am very excited about the end result--a deeper hue and no more bevel. Our existing floors are red oak and were pre-finished, so there's a slight bevel between boards--dirt catchers. We're also going for a satin finish rather than semi-gloss.

We aren't doing this...

Saw this in a rehabbed 100+ year old house during the CL Service League housewalk a few weeks ago. Talked to KP about replicating--labor intensive, costly, and mostly would be covered up by sofa.

Sigh... I love unexpected touches like this.

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