06 October 2011


Isolated to two rooms and a bathroom, CA says, "Now we know how hoarders feel." Yuk! Have you watched those shows? His words struck a painful chord... I'm keenly aware of not being able to straighten-up or clean, because the carpeted spaces are stacked with all the furnishings from the hardwood spaces plus EVERYTHING from the great room.

 Just said good-bye to CA as he climbed out the bedroom window on his way to errands and teaching. He begins half days today, hoping the teacher he's subbing for is healthy enough to begin teaching again. He's tired. Working harder and longer hours (with coaching) than a retired person should.

 Ignoring hunger pangs, because soon I'll have to climb out the same window and into the one in our study-dining room (former library)--the current residence for our disabled stove and enabled frig. Sandwich making things are in the study-dining room, as well as tea maker and cable connection. Our master bedroom--my current location--has the espresso machine and the most comfortable place to read.

 Last night we moved rapidly, sparingly, and stealthily in stockinged feet across the raw hardwood floors--having been warned that our shoe prints would impair the raw woodgrain. I think he was messing with us, as today he applied the stain to the raw wood, on his knees, clad in hockey player knee pads.

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