10 October 2011


Gorgeous floors. (The caramel-colored chair rail is being re-painted the same SW Blonde as above.)

Between Saturday and Monday I'm out of town visiting GG--helping with some administrative  matters. It's increasingly difficult for her to write checks, etc., so we're setting up on-line payments for her utilities, etc.

Sunday, it's a relief to have no workmen in the house. A huge relief. These guys couldn't be any nicer or more efficient. It's just that home is my center, my refuge, and we've had days and days of clutter.

It's fabulous to have a day free and quiet. CA and I sleep in and go for a late brunch in Woodstock. A very mediocre to bad experience. The restaurant. Enough said.

CA says the fumes on Monday--after the house is closed-up for 9 hours--are piercing and tear-inducing. He's able to open doors and windows before sequestering in the bedroom for the evening.

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