13 October 2011

HUGE PROJECT: The Painters

We hadn't planned to paint until winter, but with the hardwood floor installation all the furniture is moved out. What better time to call in the painters?

Today is Day 2, and most likely the last day they'll be here. We will have them back later to refresh some other rooms, but this visit they're concentrating on the great room, back hall and kitchen. They've done some drywall repairs; painted the baseboard and a few doors. Every time I do a walk-through I find more I want them to do, but they will come back...

I am very, very weary from all the chaos and home invaders. My choice, I know, and worth it. But, nonetheless, I'm emotionally exhausted.

Sal, the painter, and his assistant have agreed to move all the large furniture back inside for us at the end of the day. What a blessing! CA and I endangered our backs moving it all out (except for two chairs and the sofa), and are wiser this week--deciding to spend a few dollars to have  younger, stronger backs take on the task.

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