11 March 2010


Wouldn't that just do my heart good! Having the opportunity for a early spring cafe visit anywhere in Paris. I love everyday life in France, and all the beautiful foodstuffs and flowers everywhere. You can say what you will about the French (I really don't know any French citizens well enough to judge), but they sure know how to appreciate and merchandise the small beauties of life.

I mean, how can you really fault a culture that has national standards for bread quality. Or, one that encourages small shops and individualized service. Even the neighborhood grocery stores I visit in France inspire me--I love purusing the aisles and finding the unique and different. The mildly comparable fix here in the Chicago area is a visit to a flagship Whole Foods or a neighborhood Trader Joe's.

Why are Americans so tied to their cars and driving great distances for mundane and monotonous ingredients? I haven't been able to find a decent selection of Romaine at our local Jewel grocery for two weeks.

People! Refuse to settle. Insist on good fresh ingredients. Cook. Taste and enjoy your meals. Eating should be a sensory experience, not a filling of the tank.

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