10 March 2010


Just because I have been absent from this place, I am posting this morning.

I've been telling myself that nothing of note is happening in my world, thus nothing to post. But, life is always happening, whether it feels notable or not.

Winter is on the wane; can Spring be far? A few sunny days in a row and we are actually seeing grass in parts of our yard, although there is still mostly snow. Today is predicted to hit the 60s, and predictably when it really warms up the rain begins and the sun disappears. Snow melt is a sure thing, and I will tolerate the drizzle and puddles and mud because they are sure signs of Spring.

Last week I began to re-establish my days of walking at the health club--joining friends or just alone. Joining friends provides accountability and I need that push some days to just leave the oh-so-magnetic house. And, I picked up a new stack of books at the library... Still searching for books that are worth recommending to others.

On Thursday last week I headed to Chicago to retrieve my sister JL and drive with her to Michigan for a few days. We had a laid-back visit with jaunts out to shop for new kitchen applicances for her and a trip to her local library. She'd been frustrated by bad and uninspiring book choices, so we walked the stacks together and found four or five, and I made a list of authors to jump-start her next library visit.

On Sunday after driving the four hours home and a good rest and read in my wonderful bed, CA and I went to Small Group and enjoyed an evening of conversation and discussion with friends. Our group has been together something like 16 years, and many of us are into our traveling years so there were just 7 of us on Sunday. We missed our friends, but discussions go deeper when there are fewer people to contribute.

I've been feeling a bit down and thinking about finding that renewed purpose and excitement about every day life. I am reminded by an NPR segment on Monday night of the benefits of remembering, listing, writing down the ordinary and extra-ordinary things in my life for which I am grateful. Now when I begin to feel a bit of the blues, I stop and list at least five things I am thankful for and turn my mind immediately to a brighter and better avenue.

Then, yesterday after a visit to the gym CA and I decided to have lunch at Portillo's, and as we drove through Crystal Lake I saw a sign on the Chamber of Commerce asking for reading, math, and English tutors for adult students at the local community college. I can do that. And, doing that appeals to me. I'm planning on checking today on what the commitment looks like and how it fits into my plans for the next few months.

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