03 January 2009

SHOPPING - NASCHMARKT - We finally make it!

We had plans to visit the Naschmarkt in Vienna on our arrival on November 23rd--not knowing that Sunday is the only day the market is closed. Then, everyone took a turn or two at getting sick and the trip was delayed...

DM, LG, and I head to Vienna mid-morning. The sun is shining and the air is brisk. We have wish list to guide us. We get the best parking spot ever--finally having figured out the directional and parking logistics. Up until today our default has always been near the Marriott on the Parkring. We know that neighborhood and it is a short and familiar walk to Stephensplatz. The Nachsmarkt is a bit further and can seem a long way if the wind is blowing or the sun doesn't cooperate. We now have figured out the U-Bahn, too, and know that we can enter U4 on the corner of the Stadtpark and ride just two stops to Karlsplatz and be almost there.

We find a Segafredo cafe and have cafe mochas [mezzo, mezzo] and a shokolade for LG. It takes a walk through the market to figure out where and what we want to buy. We stop for lunch at a kebob stand and DM and LG enjoy lamb, while I choose chicken and a mug of hot rum punch.

We gather 2-year aged Parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh spinach, salami tartufo, clementines, olives stuffed with almonds, hummus, and two fresh baguettes. DM finds white tulips for MP a nice bottle of wine, and we decide "mission accomplished" and head back to BA.

Dinner is a celebration of our Naschmarkt bounty: sauteed spinach with roasted garlic and Parmesan cheese, along with the hummus garnished with sun-dried tomatoes and toasted pinenuts. A fine meal with enough leftovers to make for a happy tomorrow.

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