05 March 2016

Whadda Week!

Saturday, 2/28
We arrive at Oceanaire mid-afternoon and settle-in quickly. We've got the vacation condo-thing down pat. This is our first time at Oceanaire, but we've stayed at the adjoining sister property (Ocean Beach Club) many times. This is a lovely property. Kind of a masculine, urban flare.

Lager Heads next door for dinner. A short stroll and great food.

Sunday, 2/29
Pocahontas, across Atlantic Avenue for Breakfast. A beach favorite. Great coffee!

Who knew? Off season you can ride horses on the beach.

CA picks-up sandwiches at nearby Taste, and we have a picnic on the 10th floor sun deck, in front of a blazing fire pit.

We thought Restaurant Week ended last night, but when we cross Atlantic Avenue to Mannino's Italian for dinner we find tonight is the final night. Happy Hour 1/2-priced wine and a 3-course prix-fixe dinner, to-boot.

Apricot Vinaigrette and Gorgonzola. A terrific salad.

Monday, 3/1
Tending to my shopping "needs":
Gorgeous sunset tonight!

We carry-in pizza tonight. Pi-zzeria is just catty-corner across Atlantic Avenue. This is a must-have on every beach visit. Tonight we choose pear, prosciutto, Gorgonzola, and arugula. Excellent!
Tuesday, 3/2
My reading spot...

An entertaining and delicious dinner an Otani.

Wednesday, 3/3
Mary's Restaurant, a new breakfast experience. 17th Street.

My reading spot!

It's a bit chilly beachfront today, but I prevail.

We spend some beautiful and tranquil time on Croatan Beach. A family favorite. Hypnotizing, even.

Thursday, 3/3
Inside today, reading. It's very windy outside.
Dinner at a Blue Pete's. We last visited in 1978 when it was a tiny, white tablecloth restaurant. Way down in Pungo, on Muddy Creek Road. Still isolated today, but not nearly as much as years ago. Now it's more of a seafood/pub-style menu. An adventure; worth repeating every visit.

I have to point out that these are quart-sized Mason jar drinks! I did not imbibe, but I certainly will next visit.

Friday, 3/4
Another windy, 45° day. But, the sun is shining!

My reading spot today. I love this lounge & the view. They've even covered the fire pit today as it's SO windy.

We'd planned on Pelon's for Mexican, but it's closed for renovations. We're a-foot and it's so cold (and windy!) that we walk to a close and dependably excellent spot. Lager Heads--again!
Hanger Steak Frites. Balsamic and blue cheese.

Saturday, 3/5
Check-out day, but we've decided to extend our visit so we're just moving down the beach. Way down the beach--from 35th Street to 5th. We can't stay a full week, but 5 more days make me happy.
Pocahontas again for breakfast. So good. Have I mentioned? Excellent coffee! I may have over-ordered. In my defense, I did not order those potatoes nor did I eat even a bite. And, I only ate 1/2 of the biscuits and gravy, though they were very good. I know, excuses, excuses.

My reading spot today.


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