09 March 2016

Cadged Another Week at the Beach

We decided there was no compelling reason to go home as CA was able to move his pre-surgery tests to Friday. Yea! 5 more beach days.

Saturday, 3/5
After breakfast at Pocahontas, we spend a good bit of Saturday cooling our heels in the 10th floor lounge at Oceanaire. Very comfortably. We check in at Beach Quarters just after 4:30pm, and walk just next door for an early dinner at Waterman's, a long-time beach staple.

Citrus-glazed salmon for CA; chicken-vegetable curry with cilantro-lime rice for me.

Sunday, 3/6
We walk from our condo at 5th Street to 11th Street Taphouse for brunch. They have a fantastic Bloody Mary bar on Saturdays and Sundays.

We decide to share plates. We order a Baby spinach-shallot-shredded carrot-cranberry salad and crab-artichoke dip for our brunch. Excellent.

For dinner, we opt to enjoy wine and cheeses in our condo, and settle in happily for an evening focused on the Downton Abbey finale.

Monday, 3/7
We walk just across the street for breakfast at the Sunnyside Café. CA loves his pecan pancakes, and I totally splurge (again) on a Belgian waffle. Excellent coffee and food. We spend quite a lot of time with our electronic devices before moving on with our day.

By 3:30 we're at I Fly for my sky diving adventure. A fantastic experience!

I come away just famished, so we go directly to Taste for an early dinner. I enjoyed a Northender: turkey-Havarti-bacon-avocado on a baguette; CA chooses a roast beef-provolone sandwich. Superb! We buy a pecan pie bar (CA) and a very fat 7-layer bar (Me!) to carry-out for an evening treat.

Tuesday, 3/8

Who knew! Super heroes (full-sized) at Harris Teeter.

Crepe Myrtle. Soon it will leaf-up, and then bloom gorgeously.

One last dinner at Mannino's. Unbelievable lasagna, and their bread is excellent.

At sunrise, there was a college baseball team working out just beneath our terrace. Lucky guys!

And, just a bit more shopping.

Wednesday, 3/9
Time to head home. Sigh...

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