28 March 2016

Small Group

Donna Hay's Red Velvet Cheesecake

I haven't written much about our Small Group; 14 friends, 7 couples we've been doing life with for over 20 years. Originally we all attended Willow Creek Community Church, so we organized as part of their desire for everyone to have community and support on a micro-level within the huge body of the church. Amazingly, we are all still actively involved in each other's lives.

Most of us are retired. Most of us have had health issues; happily all well-resolved. All our children are now grown--graduated from college, found careers/lost jobs, married, divorced, had babies/lost pregnancies, thriving/temporarily struggling, bought homes/sold homes, moved away/moved closer... One couple tragically lost their oldest son. Through it all our group has gathered-round with prayers, wisdom, humor, well-spoken words, meals, gifts, etc. And mostly, the quiet assurance of companionship along life's pathways--rocky terrain as well as still waters and green pastures.

So, even before CA and I left the beach I reached out and invited our friends over for dessert on the eve of CA's surgery. We never-ever run out of conversation when we get together. I wanted CA to feel the love and support of these friends, as well as both our children who flew in to be with us during surgery and after.

Red Velvet Cheesecake prep and fresh fruit with Agave/Tequila (3/1 parts):

After almost two hours together, we joined hands and each prayed for CA's health, for the doctors skill and care, for the well-being of our family. Powerful stuff!

Lovely spring flowers and fun foods from Trader Joe's--some of the gifts from our Small Group:

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