19 June 2014

The Painter, Finally

All we needed was a rainy day so Lenny could set aside an outside job and show up at our door. Preferably two rainy days in a row. Yesterday he called me at 7:30am and asked, "Does today work for you?" Yes!

Logic would have said, "No. My husband is hospitalized and I'm stressed." I said, Yes!

Lenny showed up at 8:30am and began work on our winter ice dam damages--great room ceiling (20 ft. high) and two small wall segments, the entire master bedroom, and one wall of the garage. As soon as I could manage it, I was on my way to the hospital to be with CA.

After a long day away I returned to a completed great room, master bedroom ceiling and baseboards, and a primed garage. Disarray, sure, but real solid progress. Today it will all be done. A very bright spot in our current medically stressed-out world. Very bright.

Benjamin Moore, Captivating Teal.


I think we'll love the color. It'd been the very relaxing Benjamin Moore's Sea Mist, but we've gone one tone darker to Cativating Teal.

Next project will be freshening the doors on our first floor, and finally getting our peninsula's face and legs painted-- Bejamin Moore's Aura, Dove White.








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