29 June 2014


This is a mess. I was talked into packing away my books--the ones I've deemed worth hanging onto. These cabinets are in our study-diningroom. Books are totally appropriate in this room. Without books, these cabinets have an unclear reason for being. The books are coming back. With a vengeance.
The following items are orphans purchased years ago with a vague plan to use as hostess gifts; or maybe "the kids" will want them. They are on the way out.

(Pretty sure these were from Williams Sonoma back in the late 80s, early 90s.)

It does pain me to pass off anything linen, but country blue moved on 20 years ago. Giving a bottle of wine in one of these bags would burden someone else with an orphan.


The only possible reason I bought this wine bottle rester (???) was that its stainless steel tubular design might have fit into one of our kids "retro vibe." It didn't.



Cute, but still an unclaimed orphan. These plastic picks are too cute to use and dispose of, but I'm certainly never going to use, wash, re-use, re-wash them. Plus, I'm mostly retired from party giving. I've done more than my share of event-giving/event-planning, at home and at work.


I've challenged myself to carry one big box a week to a charity shop. First box ready to go.



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