29 July 2011


We've been in Omaha over a week now. What a great week! LE and JA are so, so excited about baby LC. Most of the time they're running around thinking of their own entertainment or interests, but then one of them will stop and get all soft-eyed and gentle and approach the baby. JA actually giggles when he takes the time to notice LC. When LE was born, he pretty much ignored her most of the time for a few months, reacting to her cries and struggling to figure out what had happened in his world. He was just 23 months when LE was born.

Now JA is over 4 years, and LE was 2 years in March. LE is very, very maternal--caring constantly for whatever doll or stuffed animal has her attention, diapering, wiping, rocking, strolling. She's a tender and vigilant mommy, so having a real baby in her house is very special.

It's been extremely hot in the Midwest this summer--in Omaha and in Chicago. The house has been comfortably cool, but it's an effort to think of going outside. With two kids in the house, activities outside are a daily requirement. So, we run errands, go to parks, turn on the water and swim or slip-and-slde... One or several of us get the two kids out twice a day. I take care of meals, but again because of the heat our meals are simple summer meals with not much fuss or muss.

LC is a bit jaundiced, so for several days in a row JE and MA had to take him to either a hospital or the pediatrician's office for a blood test. He's doing well; the numbers are going down.

This little boy is a sweetheart--looks a bit like JA, but then you see some of LE there, too. Since JA resembles his mommy and LE is much like her daddy and Nana, the family resemblances are strong. LC has light eyelashes, so maybe we'll have a blonde baby this time.

The best times? Post-bath-time hugs and kisses; morning wake-up giggles and shouts; holding these small hands; ice cream surprises; reading favorite books; baby holding; encouraging our beautiful and accomplished daughter; feeling so proud of the fine family JE and MA have created; drawing together in love and prayer for future decisions and directions.

We leave today tired and happy, knowing we have will need to rest and regroup over the next few days before beginning the drive to Orlando. There's much to gather and pack, details to be worked out. We are walking very closely in God's loving embrace these days. Our safety, health, plans, dreams and family are held there.

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