20 July 2011


Just minutes old. A boxer's nose?
So precious.
How blessed we are to hold this little guy, so fresh from his Father and the angel's care

I have to begin my back-dating, catch-up blogging with the biggest news...

Levi Christopher Smith was born at 8lbs. 7oz. just after 10:00pm on Wednesday, July 20th--two days early and just 4 hours after JE's water broke at home. We'd been on the phone with JE a few times during the day as she was having some erratic labor and was beginning to wonder if this was the real thing. It was!

We have to drive to Florida on August 3rd, taking the Subaru to Orlando in time to meet DM's family when they arrive from Bratislava, and have been concerned about the timing of LC's birth--hoping he'd come on time or even a bit early. Thank you, God! We have a darling, healthy baby boy with a beautiful name and a magnificent future.

Since LC arrived so promptly (not, of course, to minimize the extent of his mommy's labors because she worked long and hard to deliver him) we were still on the road between Woodstock and Omaha. We'd hoped to drive straight through, but planned to stop when we tired. Once we got news of LC's birth, we decided to spend the night in Des Moines--two hours from Omaha.

LE and JA's other grandparents live just an hour from Omaha, so they were on-the-spot and in charge while MA spent the night with mommy and baby son. We're so blessed that D+HS are such godly and loving grandparents. They dedicate one entire day every week to their grandchildren, freeing MS and JE to work, do errands, rest, and spend some time together. JA and LE love their Nana and Papa, and greatly anticipate their weekly visit.

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