21 July 2011


Three days old.

We're up early this morning, anxious to get on to Omaha to see JE's family and meet our new baby grandson, Levi Christopher. Both LE and JA were born at the same Methodist Hospital facility about 15 minutes from home, but in recent months they've opened the Methodist Women's Hospital way out west of Omaha--we're very happy to have our iPhone's mapping app available to help get us to the right spot.

The kids Nana and Papa are bringing them to see their baby brother this morning, so we'll drive directly to the hospital. We discover too late that our mapping app is not aware of the recent flooding, so we have to double-back from the suggested routing, but we eventually get there!

There's nothing sweeter than a new baby--so fresh from God and the angels' care. Lovely.

Lots of help for the trip home from the hospital. 2 days old.

This is a busy place this morning, and JE is moving about just as if she'd not given birth so few hours ago. The demands and presence of a two and four-year-old is, well, demanding. There's so much energy in this room. By-the-way, this is a large and beautiful room with a comfortable sleeping couch for daddy and plenty of room for the extended family to gather. We're all grinning from ear-to-ear. We're proud, happy, and a bit over-whelmed. Mostly thrilled that this beautiful child is now a part of our families and that JE has done so well. What a blessing to have a loving marriage and family to welcome a new baby.

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