18 June 2011


The days are too long and the distance too great to wait a whole month (when the new baby boy is due) to see JA and LE, oh, and our darling daughter and handsome son-in-law. So, we'll enrich the vaults of the oil barons as we fill and refill our gas tank with this summer's black gold...

The road is long, but worth the trip. We look forward to lots of giggles, silliness, and delight; hugs and love, and even some College World Series baseball.

It's time to pack up the suitcases, gather the gifts and treats, and after a night's rest, we'll be off on our trek west over miles of asphalt, oceans of satellite radio, rivers of caffeine, and too much road food. The way west is fraught... In the spirit of our pioneer ancestors,wagons ho! (Actually none of our ancestors ever made it west of the Mississippi.)

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