08 June 2011


Frustratingly, my photo card was compromised in some way and it had become virtually impossible to upload photos. Erratic at best. I finally uploaded the  reno photos to the iPad and then struggled with not being able to upload them through Blogger. The buzz in blogger-world is that's an ongoing problem causing some to migrate to a different blog platform. I'm holding fast, assuming Blogger will soon publish an iPad app that actually makes iPad blogging a viable option.

My frustrations were accentuated by attempts to find apps that would host my photos and allow the editing/upload/availability that I've become accustomed to from my laptop. The end result was a frozen iPad.

So... After too many late night hours of frustration and a brief conversation with Apple Care, I synced my iPad with the laptop and voilà the photos are uploadable. Still, it should not be that complicated, I've been blogging with photos for years. For sure, most of the trouble was with the photocard (which I've re-formatted so it seems to work as it should), but the iPad and Blogger were neither performing up to the levels I'd expected.

For now, the photos have been added to the landscape post.

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