15 May 2011


JA is not a fan of the Navy jets--the sounds of freedom.

Those cute red-striped surrey bikes caught our attention from the first day. This morning we rent one that requires four of us to pedal and gives the kids a front-row seat. We get lots of smiles and soon discover that the Boardwalk isn't as flat as it looks! We find that 11th Street Tap House doesn't open until 11:30am, and continue pedaling down the way until we reach the very south end of the Boardwalk and Grommet Park--an all-access kids beachfront park, outfitted with all sorts of climbing and dangling equipment. There are wheelchairs available with sand wheels, and the play surface is a flat, rubberized surface that's the colors of the ocean. It's a wonderful park.

The kids play and the adults supervise, and enjoy watching the surfers on the Atlantic as well as the crabbers on Rudee Inlet.

By 11:30am, or so, we're back at 11th Street Tap House, finding the menu a lot more brief and simpler than last May. Then, the entrees, salads, and sandwiches were so varied and interesting that I recorded many of them in my notebook and later in a blog entry. There are still yummy selections, and at least 32 specialty brews.

There's a MYO (make-your-own) Bloody Mary bar, and I can't resist. The waiter brings me a tall glass filled with ice and several inches of vodka... Oh, my! It takes about three glasses of Major Peters BM mix to get me through that pour. I accessorize with large pimento-stuffed olives, celery sticks, and some baby gherkins. I need a nap.

The surrey-bike is a huge hit with all of us. Not inexpensive, but definitely worth the cost. A good time is had by all!

We each retire to our various corners for naps, reading, and some exploring on-foot. Everyone in this group is sensitive to the individual needs of others and gives each other plenty of space. No overly sensitive, clinging types. We know each other well enough to realize that some of us (adults and kids, alike) need a bit of down time every day.

By dinner time JE and MA decide their crew will eat in the condo, so CA and I visit Pi-zzeria again, on our own, share a salad, and top it off with a Pizza Marguerite. YUM!

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