07 May 2011


Monday the designer is coming. DV--LL's sister. We're going to assess and re-assess my great room, library, and master bedroom, and every other room will get viewed. My dust bunnies have dust bunnies. Yet, I've spent two hours on the Internet. My excuse is that most of that time was spent sending DV an email detailing where I am design-wise and where I want to go.

I'm over, If you love it, buy it. You'll find a place for it. Witness my current predicament. I have too much stuff and erratic style. I start projects I can never finish--due to time, skill, and withering inspiration. Half or more of the clutter I deal with around here is due to stalled projects.

You know, You have to stay home to get stuff done. Once I'm out the door I just keep moving. I love staying home and have disciplined myself to stay home on Mondays, but lately I just go-go-go. Today I'm at home.

Time to get cleaning!

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