17 May 2011


Threats of rain, but the skies co-operate and give us lots of sunshine with short periods of overcast. Looks like a storm is coming, but none does.

We all go again to Pocahontas for breakfast. YUM! I have the Eggs Benedict Florentine this time, while CA has a humongous stack of pancakes with pecans and tons of whipped cream. LE chooses waffles, while JA has sausage links with pancakes... The sausage links being the important part. The food here is wonderful. A ton of breakfast, and a fun start to our day.

We fly a kite and blow bubbles on the beach. Soon the little ones are at the indoor pool with their mommy and daddy, while CA and I cheerlead and take photos. After baths, LE settles in for a nap, while CA and I take JA shopping. We're looking for a blue suitcase on wheels and some bakery cookies. We strike out on the suitcase--after checking out WalMart, TJ Maxx, and K-Mart. JA is complacent, content to wait until we find the perfect blue suitcase. It doesn't have to be today. He's very patient for four-years old... At least this time he is.

We go to Farm Fresh to check out their bakery; finding a variety of cookies. JA ponders a bit and carefully carries his choice through the check-out and all the way home. He gets lots of smiles and comments in the lobby and elevator, which totally embarrasses him so he turns his back to the people and faces the wall in the elevator.

By 3:30pm we're on our way to RockFish for an early-bird dinner. On-street parking is available, but confusing. The signs seem to contradict themselves. RockFish is on the beach at 16th Street, and is Beatles themed--guitars, photos, and Beatles memorabilia. The sound system loops their music, and when Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds plays, LE says, "It's me in the sky with diamonds!"

MA has a crab cake sandwich, JE has pulled pork, CA has a grilled and blackened tuna sandwich, and I opt for a Mandarin orange mixed green salad, with goat cheese, crispy chicken, and a honey mustard vinaigrette. LE gets her favorite mac and cheese, while JA surprises us all by ordering a fish sandwich. A fine and fun meal.

But, it's only 5:00pm and we've already had dinner! We decide that the early-bird special pricing works best for two people--buy one entree, get the second 1/2 price. When you're paying for six, you hardly notice the savings. And, while this earlier dinner time seems to fit the little ones' energy cycles, it brings the day to a close rather early.

Tonight I'm happy to have some downtime to read and watch t.v. CA hangs out with the kids, and keeps watch when JE and MA head out to Haagen Das for a treat. I end up having to call the front desk as someone is smoking in a nearby room (a no-no, for sure, that'll cost them $250 if they're caught) and we have stale smoke polluting our room. A maintenance guy shows up with some Febreze and we have to decide which smell is worse... The Febreze scent soon dissipates and the air is clearer.

I never get tired of the sounds, smells, and visuals at the beach. I love, love, love the ocean. I would love to be near the ocean 24/7/365.

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