08 October 2010


Aren't they lovely? And, environmentally effective? And, peaceful? Yes. Yes. And, no.

I remember the first time I saw a wind farm--our first drive from LAX to Palm Desert in the middle of San Bernadino County somewhere. I was enthralled. Loved the look and especially the idea.

Now I'm not so enthralled. There are just a few wind mills within a 3 - 4 mile radius of our home in the countryside and guess what? It's like tinnitus--a constant whirring that invades my home. No more just the sounds of the nature preserve, birdsong, and cicadas. There's a cyclical whirring that is constant. Constant.

It's been rare for outside noises to permeate our windows and walls. Maybe a woodpecker or fireworks, or thunder. But, these beautiful wind machines are not silent, and the sounds they make are able to invade my solitude.

I'm not one for white noise. I hate the piped-in music restaurants and shops think necessary to lure me into their clutches and to loosen my purse strings. I don't need a fan or other ambient noise to lull me to sleep. I like the sounds of people conversing and dishes clattering.  I like quiet.

In the past when I've noticed signage along the highways urging residents to veto wind farms, I've been confused. Why would anyone be against wind power? It's good for the environment.

Now, I understand. Wind power is awesome, but not in my back yard or anywhere within a five mile radius of my home.

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