15 October 2010


For whatever reason I've resisted turning on the heat. Silly. Chilly. If I'm home during the days when the house holds onto the chill, I wrap up in a white fleece blanket. I love my blankey. Silly. Chilly.

CA and I've made a pact that after a quick weekend trip to Peoria, we'll renegotiate the temperature so that our beloved abode is again snug.

Europe plans and arrangements continue with CA carrying the brunt of the logistics. He consults with me from time-to-time and I encourage him with assurances and smiles. Really, only one person can be in charge to keep together all the loose ends. Really. I could do it (after years of needing to in the markeplace), but I like it that he does it. He's always had a bit of the Walter Mitty about him, and vacation dreaming suits him well. He's also a bit more OCD than I am, so he does drive himself a bit nuts with the checking and re-checking.

The current plan is 9 days with the little girls in Bratislava (up from 6 originally alloted), 3 weeks near Nice staying in one place and exploring the south of Provence, and a final 5 nights in Paris at the luxurious Renaissance Place Vendome. A fantastic plan, no?! Oui.

Anyway, limited blog posts this Fall while I wile away the days, marking time leading  up to our trip. I'm bored at home. Tired of cooking and thinking. Uninspired by local day trips (and needful of conserving $$ for the upcoming adventure). I'm reading a lot, and have finally found a book or three to review for First Paragraphs. Can't believe how many books I've read or discarded half read this Fall. And, people get paid to write and publish these books.

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