03 June 2008


Not a new thought, but a great reminder. You write your own story. YOU write your own story. Others may try to write it for you, but you CAN and will write your own story. Whether you surrender temporarily to someone's control or influence, you are still the author. You decide. Even ambivalence or acquiescence is your choice.

Very much the wisdom of Viktor Frankl--no one can take from you the choice of how you view each situation.

Victor Emil Frankl

I love it! What an encouragement to celebrate life and choose to enjoy the little odd moments and people. And, to cut your loved ones some slack as you determine what YOU want your relationship to be.

The difference was, Lottie thought, that she was old enough to understand the nature of the story: that everyone had one, but that it was thrust upon you as often as not. That what counted was what happened after that, the combining of the aftermath with the original story. Your mother is an alcoholic. Yes: and then?...For Love
by Sue Miller

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