26 June 2008


I walked over to Panda Express for lunch. I do get tired of eating alone, but I really roll with the punches pretty well. I would rather be anonymous than have to deal with the personalities and politics of this place. Maybe other jobs will be different...

I would guess I might meet some interesting and likeable people along the way. If there are any left in this world! People have to really be dumbing down--reality t.v., text messaging, MP3 players stuck in their ears. Why send your kids to college if they all dissolve into little techo-media geeks. They are all going to have thumb arthritis because of overuse in texting...

Once in awhile I see a really pretty girl walking along downtown. And some of the 20-something boys are so fresh-faced and vital looking. Lots of times you see too much bouncing boobs and nipples. Cleavage is in style--kind of back to the Marie Antoinette era.

Sometimes I look around the train and think how they all look so road-weary and drone-like. The conversation is completely inane. I need to ride the train with some of my audacious middle-aged friends--we would really give them something to listen to!

By the way--tried to watch "Living Lohan." What a bunch of non-happening, boring people. They can't even contrive any drama. At least the Kardashians have a more a flashier life-style, and Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne had the potty-mouthed kids and the pooping dogs. T.V. is a wasteland.

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