24 June 2008


Been here over a month now. Very, very slow environment. Two distinct tiers--those who rain-make and those who wait on the rain. There is no content or depth to this job--you have to be ready, willing, and able from 8:30am - 5:00pm every day--but, actually only work 1 - 2 hours a day making traveling arrangements, scheduling meetings, with very few administrative responsibilities. Someone else makes the copies and binds the books. That same someone handles the catering, serving, and clean-up. All phone calls go through an experienced receptionist or on direct lines. Very few calls to screen or even answer.

Sounds like a breeze, and it is. The days are moderately to painfully slow and the staff is rather stiff and impersonal.

The views of Lake Michigan are stunning and the energy of the City is fun.

Still surprises me that with the homogenization of retail across the City, suburbs, and the nation that you rarely see two women wearing the same clothing. Actually, in my 5+ weeks of close observation, I have not seen it even once and I do pay attention.

Haven't resorted to reading at my desk yet, but have gotten very bored with solitaire and have been writing a bit. Don't make personal phone calls, either. The benefits of email--you get to keep your private world private. I never use their email system for any personal correspondence. When I leave the trail will be clean.

July 16th is my last day, but it may end on the 15th. There is NO NEED to retrain the returning encumbent. With access to the calendars and main email system, she will be up and running immediately. Such a strange job, and I hear they pay well and their benefits are outstanding. They contribute 11% of your salary to a financial growth fund and the healthcare is tops, because it is the same enjoyed by the partners.

Will I look back fondly at this first job in my new journey? Hopefully I will meet some fun and interesting people along the way and have a chance to use my brain!

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